CAIC: Colorado Avalanche Information Center BC Zone Observation Report

Wednesday, April 15, 2020 at 12:00 AM
Front Range


CAIC Comments

At about 2 PM. A Snowboarder triggered SS avalanche out of the highest point of Loveland Ridge, north side of Loveland Pass. The avalanche was about 50 cm deep, 150m wide, and 250m long. The snowboarded triggered the avalanche after 3-4 turns from the top of the slope; he inflated his air balloon bag and was carried to the bottom of the diaries. The snowboarder was uninjured and made it back to the road by himself.



  Date Location/Path # Elev Asp Type Trig SizeR SizeD
View  2020/04/15  †  Loveland Pass-Northside   1   >TL   SE   SS   AR / u   R3   D2